PLOT88 Source Code: Documentation, Warranty, Support and Shipping Media

Source Code shipping Media

MicroSoft Operating Systems PC Version (part #401): CDROM
SUN Version (part #402): CDROM 

PLOT88 Source Documentation Package

PLOT88 Source Code Reference Manual #413909 included on the CDROM. Use a web brower to view it.
This manual describes the process of creating the PLOT88 libraries for use with the supported FORTRAN compilers.This manual does not show how to use the PLOT88 library in your program. See the PLOT88 Reference Manual #901 to use the PLOT88 library.

System Requirements:

MicroSoft Operating Systems PC VERSION (#401):

  • IBM-PC, IBM-XT, IBM-AT, IBM-PS/2, 80386, 80486, Pentium Based PC
  • 6 MB hard disk space
  • CDROM drive
  • FORTRAN compiler and Microsoft Assembler 6.10. ( The Assembler is optional).


  • SUN SparcStation with Solaris 2.X operating system
  • 55 MB hard disk space
  • CDROM drive
  • SUN FORTRAN compiler (2.0, 3.0 or 4.0)

PLOT88 Source Code Warranty, Licensing and Support:

The PLOT88 Source Code can be used on any number of computers within your organization without restrictions. It may be incorporated into other products and distributed within your organization without restrictions. The Source Code or the Source Code Reference Manual may not be distributed to others outside your organization. Because the PLOT88 Source Code is intended to be modified by the purchaser and because PLOTWORKS has no control over the compilation of the source, the source code is supplied by PLOTWORKS as is, without warranty or support of any kind. PLOTWORKS does not warranty the code to be error-free or to operate reliably without fault. PLOTWORKS does not warranty that the source code will compile with other versions of the supported compilers or that the source code will be usable with other compilers. 


PLOTWORKS, Inc., will replace any CDROM found to be defective.