Technical Specifications for using the PLOT88 Library with MicroSoft PowerStation FORTRAN Version 4.0 For Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, or Vista

Features of PLOT88:

PLOT88 runs under Windows 95, 98, NT (V4.0), 2000, XP, or Vista as a true windows based program. The user can open multiple windows and output PLOT88 graphics to these windows. PLOT88 will also create graphics output files to be exported to other programs to to be sent to a printer or plotter. This version of PLOT88 requires a 386 or higher computer. Extended memory to support the FORTRAN compiler is also required.

Grid Size:

The maximum x,y grid dimensions for for contouring and mesh surfaces: 1024 x 1024.

Differences between PLOT88 for PowerStation V4.0 and other versions of PLOT88:

  1. PLOT88 run under Windows 95, 98,  NT, 2000 or XP only.
  2. No assembler routines are supplied: API32 calls are used.
  3. The display model numbers 90 to 99 have different usage.
  4. Multiple PLOT88 programs can output to the printer at a time (using the print spooler).
  5. The default color is 0 ( Black). Always call COLOR at the start of your program.

Output to Disk Files:

    Open( 90, file='DISK.DAT', access='SEQUENTIAL',status='NEW',
   1    form='BINARY')
    To print:
    OPEN(90, file='DISK.DAT')

Compile and Link Command sequence (Command Line):

FL32 /MW program.for sub.for PLOT88.LIB DRIVE88.LIB -link /NODEFAULTLIB:LIBC.LIB

Compile Sequence ( Developer Studio):

-c /MW (i.e. compile program as a Quick Window)

Link Sequence ( Developer Studio):

Add to Drivers/Library Modules:
Add to Project Options:

Execute Program (command Line):

C> program

Display Devices:

      Model             # Pixels(X,Y)     # Colors
      90                 640 x 480           2
      91                 640 x 480         256
      92  *               
      93                 640 x 480         256
      94                 800 x 600          16
      95                 800 x 600         256
      96                1024 x 768          16
      97                1024 x 768         256
      98               1280 x 1024          16
      99               1280 x 1024         256

Note: Model 92 does not have a defined resolution- the user sets the resolution and number of colors and window title using Quickwin calls before calling PLOTS.
All display devices use the default window of 9.5" x 7.1". Use WINDOW to change this. Use the same value for IOPORT and MODEL in the PLOTS call.

Display Color Table:

The default color is the highest color index of the model's color palette.Because this color index varies by model, always use the color command at the start of the drawing. The default color is index 0 (black).
The default color table for 16 colors is

   0   Black     8 Gray
   1   Blue      9 Light Blue
   2   Green    10 Light Green
   3   Cyan     11 Light Cyan
   4   Red      12 Light Red
   5   Magenta  13 Light Magenta
   6   Brown    14 Yellow
   7   White    15 Bright White

The Default color table for 2 colors is

   0   Black
   1   White

Color Palette:

The color palette for each drawing can be defined using the PALETE subroutine. The maximum number of colors depends on the model number. The palette can be changed at any point in the program if the immediate display mode is used (idef = 3).

Display Coordinate System:

PLOT88 uses a first quadrant cartesian (X,Y) coordinate system. +x is to the right, +Y is up. (0.0, 0.0) is the lower left corner of the display. Data ranges from (0.0) to (xmax, ymax) (i.e. the values of the WINDOW call). The factor value is in relation to the window size ( i.e. FACTOR(0.5) uses 0.5 of the window space). Note than immediate (idef =3 ) display mode gives a different display of the data than deferred mode (idef = 0). idef =3 uses the values passed to window, idef = 0 scales the display data to fit in the entire window.

Display Integration:

The PLOT88 display commands can be mixed with calls in the user's main program. The user can open a window, then call PLOTS, then modify the line style, pallette, write mode, then mix PLOT88 call with other FORTRAN Quickwin calls ( Image I/O, arc, pie, set pixel). PLOT88 uses the window (_W) calls.

PLOT88 outputs to the currently active child window. Use the open command (OPEN( unit=xx,file='USER'...)) to create a new window, resize and reposition it, then call PLOTS. PLOT88 will fit the data into the specified window. Because of the borders around the window, the drawing may have to be reduced in size to be completely seen. The PLOTS call respecifies the active window with the title of "PLOT88" and redefines the number of colors and resolution based on the model number. If you want to set the window characteristics prior to PLOTS, use model = 92.

Do not use the deferred output (idef = 0,1,2) when mixing PLOT88 commands with your own calls. Use idef=3 only.