Compilers Supported By PLOT88

Common source code and code unique to each compiler is described in the Source Code Reference Manual (#413909). Product #401 includes source for all the MicroSoft operating systems-based compilers listed below. Product #402 includes source for the SUN-based compilers listed below. The install sequence needed to build PLOT88 libraries for each compiler version is included. To use the PLOT88 calls in your program, refer to the PLOT88 Library Reference Manual (product #901).

Manufacturer Compiler Version Supported

  • Microsoft FORTRAN 4.01, 5.0, 5.1
  • Microsoft PowerStation FORTRAN V1.0 and V4.0
  • Compaq Digital Visual FORTRAN V5.0, V6.0,  V6.1, V6.5, and V6.6
  • SUN SparcStation FORTRAN 2.0, 3.0, 4.0


  • The C compilers call the PLOT88 FORTRAN library created for use with the FORTRAN compiler. No C code is supplied for PLOT88. A FORTRAN compiler runtime library is necessary when running SUN C.

The compilers themselves are not included with the PLOT88 source. The user must supply any compiler(s) or Microsoft Assembler 6.10. The Assembler is optional if the assembler routines are not changed. No assembler code is used by the versions of PLOT88 that use the printer spooler and API32 calls ( MicroSoft PowerStation 4.0 and Digital FORTRAN 5.0/6.x). No assembler code is used in the PLOT88 versions for SUN.