Assembler Routines of PLOT88 for MicroSoft Operating Systems

The routines shown below are written in Microsoft Assembler Code. They are:

  • OPNCOM Opens and configures a serial port
  • BIOCM Outputs a string of characters to a serial port
  • COMIN Inputs a string of characters from a serial port
  • BIOPR Outputs a string of characters to a printer port
  • STMODE Sets display mode (CGA, EGA, VGA)
  • STHERC Sets display mode for Hercules adapter
  • GETVMD Gets video mode
  • REDPAL Reads video palette
  • WRTPAL Writes video palette
  • A0000 Outputs data to EGA and VGA
  • A0001 Outputs data to VGA, 30 x 200, 256 color mode
  • A0002 Outputs data to VGA, 640 x 480, 2 color mode
  • B0000 Outputs data to Hercules graphics adapter
  • B8000 Outputs data to CGA, 640 x 200, 2 color mode
  • B8001 Outputs data to CGA, 320 x 200, 4 color mode
  • WAITKY Waits for 1 key keyboard input

The object code for each assembler routine is supplied with the source. The MicroSoft Assembler is not needed if the routines are not changed. No assembler code is used for PLOT88 versions that use the print spooler and API32 calls under Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP or Vista ( MicroSoft PowerStation 4.0 and Digital FORTRAN 5.0/6.x).